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Law & Orders is rapidly expanding!

Offering fresh high quality burgers, fries, sandwiches, wraps, milkshakes, we are a classic “burger joint” going back to basics, good food, good service, good price.

Our brand is exciting and fresh and synonymous with good food!  We appeal to everyone!

Our restaurants are quick serve, and our customers have the option of eating in store, ordering online, or in store pickup.

Law & Orders is seeking retail units with the following criteria:

Retail space of 1300 to 2100 square feet
Inline units or end units acceptable
Outdoor seating or patio when possible
Liquor License options
HVAC and hood fans built in
Power Supply

    Characteristics of Property (Check all that Apply): 1300 - 2100 sq.ftInlineEnd UnitHVAC & Hood fans built inHas outdoor SeatingLiquor License


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    Or call us and order in:

    +381 065 666 6666