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The Rhippo Challenge

Many have tried, many have failed

Rhippo What?

When Jamie Law opened his restaurant, Law & Orders, in February 2014, he set out a challenge that he knew would make his late dad proud: it’s the Rhippo Challenge and after almost 521 attempts, has had only 11 successful challengers.


The Rhippo Challenge includes two, one-pound Rhippo burgers and a full pound of poutine. The challenge? The challenge comes to those willing to test the depth of their hunger, who must consume all three items in 20 minutes or less. The successful few will earn bragging rights, get their meal for free, go home with a t-shirt and their photo will be hung on the Rhippo Challenge Wall of Fame.

Bobby Roy was the first person to complete the Rhippo Challenge in an impressive 13 minutes! It wasn’t long before Law & Orders attracted the attention of world class professional eater and body builder Randy Santel. While on his Eastern USA tour (that only included a few stops in Ontario), Randy stopped into Law & Orders and completed the Rhippo Challenge in an insane 7min s34secs. This was definitely a sight to see. His cameraman Magic Mitch decided to try, and also earned the rights to call himself a Rhippo Challenge Champion, completing the task in 15mins26secs.

Law & Orders is always looking for the next Rhippo Challenge Champion… who’s next?

Fastest Time

Adam Moran

6 min 45 Sec

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Jamie Law (Left)

Randy Santel (Right)


Adam Moran

6 Minutes 45 Seconds

Randy Santel

7 Minutes 34 Seconds

Nicholas Beauchamp

9 Minutes 49 Seconds

Bobby Roy

13 Minutes 0 Seconds

Alessandro Valiante

13 Minutes 24 Seconds

Sabrina Beauchamp

13 Minutes 33 Seconds

Ryan Feeny

14 minutes 35 seconds

Pierre-Olivier Roy

15 Minutes 5 seconds

Derek Wills

15 Minutes 15 Seconds

Gabriel Viens

15 Minutes 58 Seconds

Majic Mitch

16 Minutes 25 Seconds

Ron James

16 Minutes 45 Seconds

Chad Arseneault

17 Minutes 2 Seconds

Graham Koptie

17 Minutes 15 Seconds

Craig Houghton

17 Minutes 58 Seconds

Chris Spies

18 Minutes 7 Seconds

Gabe Cook

18 Minutes 14 Seconds

Brady Newbold

18 Minutes 43 Seconds

Mac Gives

19 Minutes 2 Seconds


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